Our Services

Corporate Matters

It is important to identify a foreseeable legal risk before any commencement of transactions or business action. ADP is experienced in assisting clients in corporate matters. Our lawyers are responsive yet meticulous.
Our corporate practice includes drafting or reviewing contracts, conducting legal audit, providing legal advice, providing legal opinion, assisting and/or accompanying the client in any stage of transaction, assisting a client in any shareholders’ meeting, drafting articles of association and/or shareholders agreement, accompanying the client in merger and/or acquisition, spin-off, or dissolution.

Bankruptcy and Debt Restructuring

People said bankruptcy is never the best option. Even if it is not the best option, it is your choice to get the best result. ADP is a bankruptcy expert who have successfully assisted both debtors and creditors in complicated bankruptcy process.
Our practice in bankruptcy and debt restructuring includes representing the client as debtor to face bankruptcy or under court-supervised restructuring (PKPU) petition, representing the client as petitioner or creditor in filing bankruptcy/PKPU petition, assisting the client as creditor to register and/or negotiate the outstanding receivables, assisting a debtor in the restructuring process.

Litigation and Dispute Settlement

ADP has represented a long list clients, both corporation and individual in court. We believe that our in-depth knowledge of the litigation will help us to provide the innovative and practical solution to our client.
Our services in litigation and dispute settlement includes alternative dispute resolution, arbitration and litigation. Representing the client as plaintiff or defendant in any courts, representing the client as claimant or respondent in arbitration, assisting the client to execute court decision or arbitral award.


ADP has successfully represented either entrepreneur or worker in industrial relation disputes. Our blend of extensive experience makes us to consistently produce a creative and inventive legal solution.
Our practice in employment includes drafting or reviewing definite or indefinite period employment contract, drafting or reviewing collective labor agreement, assisting and accompanying the client in bipartite mediation, representing the client in industrial relation court, providing legal advice to the client regarding industrial relation disputes.

White Collar Crimes

It is crucial for a bank, financial institution or financial technology company to quickly identify a white-collar crime. Our lawyers are thoroughly specialized in assisting a company or government institution to perform internal legal audit and advising them for the legal action required. On the other hand, we are also experienced in accompanying corporation or individuals under investigation.
Our practice in this area includes performing internal legal audit to investigate or to collect evidence on embezzlement, money laundering or other types of white-collar crimes, accompanying the client as witness, reported or the suspect in any stage of investigation, accompanying the client as witness or defendant in court-hearing and preparing any legal documents required, liaising with investigator for the client’s interest.

Oil and Gas

ADP is knowledgeable in oil and gas industries. Our lawyers have assisted and advised a few big companies in Indonesia. We believe that understanding our client’s industry will help us to provide a sound and practical advice.
Our practice in this area includes drafting or reviewing any contract with regards to upstream or downstream of oil and gas industry, conducting legal due diligence prior to transfer of participating interest and other transactions, assisting the client to ensure the compliance of tender process with the prevailing laws and regulation especially PTK 007.

Project and Construction

Our service in this area includes assisting a government body or a private entity in Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement, preparing any legal documents for PPP arrangement, drafting or reviewing EPC, EPCI and JOI contracts, assisting in any stage of negotiation.

Foreign Direct Investment

Our practice in this area includes providing legal analysis report on compliance of investment with the prevailing laws and regulation and the suitable legal form for the investment, preparing any agreements relating to the investment, assisting the client to obtain any licenses and approval required.